Because Your Managers' Skills are the Gateway for YOUR Organization's Success

Let me help you fix your team performance challenges:  

I know we've barely met, but here's what you must know about me immediately. I know what your challenges are with your managers and I know how to fix them.

As an Executive Leader, you are here because your organization needs a simple, focused solution for addressing poor performance, difficult employees AND "how" to fast-track managers to improve both situations, quickly.

In one short coaching session I will help you know exactly how to solve the challenges you're facing with your managers. I promise you the solution is much easier than you think AND will take way less time than you are anticipating.

Whether it's a fixing disengagement on the team, addressing potential risk due to limited manager skill, managers who aren't holding employees accountable or simply poor performance, I will show you the solution.  

On this call we will address YOUR specific organizational challenge and identify immediate, simple remedies.

And did I mention it's FREE? 

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"If YOU struggle with difficult employees or are not sure what to do with them or how to manage them or are afraid of them (we all have them and you know what I'm talking about), you owe it to yourself, your organization, and THAT team member to learn how to deal with them. It's called leadership for a reason, folks. Call this woman or go to one of her workshops. You will be so glad you did. And you'll sleep better."


"We’ve seen the biggest impact across our company with the coaching model we now use through Leadership Coach, Inc. We are positively moving the needle in our company toward a culture of performance and behavioral coaching, and we could not have accomplished this cultural shift without Kris’ help and use of the leadership coaching model. "

SVP, Talent Development

"I recommend Kris for anyone who wants "on the field" support in developing strategy for tackling difficult specific interpersonal and team situations. She helps me to develop the plan and remains available for support as the situation progresses. We always follow up on the outcome and discuss what needs to happen next."

Vice President, Sales

Don't wait. I know you don't have a lot of time to invest in developing your managers. 

I also know you don't have a lot of resources either. 

I will show you how you can develop the managers in your organization, ensure they have consistent performance and people management tools and launch your organizaiton to higher levels of success. 

Join me for the next call! 

Looking for information about the CORE Leadership Coaching Program and how it can support our team? At the end of the Coaching Call I'll tell you all about it. See you there.