Come with your biggest challenge. Leave with answers and tools. 

What you'll gain by coming to this call:  

Managing people is hard. Managing 'difficult employees' and low performers can feel impossible and overwhelming. But I PROMISE there really are methods you can implement to change your difficult and low performing employees. I know I can help you solve your problem(s)!

I don't know if you know this, but I am a fixing-difficult-employees-ninja. In one short coaching session I will help you know exactly how to solve any problem you are facing. The solution is not what you think it is. It's something much easier.  

Whether it's a low perfomer, someone who's creating drama on the team, acting entitled or disengaged or anything else. Come to the call with your biggest management challenge and let me show you the solution.  

And did I mention it's FREE? 

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"Kris Plachy offers a remarkable coach approach that has really helped me to develop my leadership skills."

"I've attended a few of Kris' sessions . Her presentation style immediately drew me into rapt attention, and she blew my mind with the content."

"Kris's empowering truth-telling exercises gives clarity during times of change. I find myself re-visiting this often and learning something new from Kris every time we talk."

Don’t wait. I only offer these on occasion. Once you're registered you'll be sent the date and time for the next available free call.

Looking for information about the CORE Leadership Coaching Program? At the end of the Coaching Call I'll tell you all about it. See you there.